Please help us evaluate #AskArchivists Day!

How was #AskArchivists Day for you? Please use the button, or click this link and answer 8 short questions, and help us evaluate.What was good, and what didn´t work? Should we de something next year? Something else? Nothing?

We would really like to hear from you! Thanks for participating!

/Anneke & Charlotte

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13 Responses to Please help us evaluate #AskArchivists Day!

  1. Leesa Philip says:

    I asked a question, but haven’t received a reply yet. Is kind of disheartning, given I’m a librarian! Still… If I wanted to purchase mylar pockets and folders to store material, where I would purchase them from?


  2. The survey is only for archives, it seems.

  3. Hello Ole,
    Yes – the survey is for archives. But you are ever so welcome to post your feedback as a comment. Please do!
    Kind regards

  4. Thanks for that great event!

  5. hummer says:

    It was an awesome informative event for archivist and non archivist. Since I was a genealogist, and had helped some with Archive2011, I was watching more for preserving and sources of archives. The tweets answered most of that I desired. Was able to pass some on. Great activity. Well organized and appeared more than well received. !

  6. II’ve been doing my family history…Italian ( arrived 1886 ) english/irsh/scottish…and was excited to follow AskArchivist day as it opened my eyes to so many opportunities for research avenues. I posted a question but as I was a twitter novice I don’t know whether it went to where it should have gone or just ended up in cyberspace.! The question is ” I was wondering where to find early records of sydney fish markets..when they were at Market St and then woolloomooloo thanx ? ” I susbcribe to Archives Outside and love it.

  7. Erin Blasco says:

    Since I’m a museum professional but not an archivist, I figured I’d answer here and not the survey. I do some social media for @PostalMuseum in the US and we enjoyed RT-ing and watching tweets that related to letters, mail, documents, etc. I liked that we got to participate a bit even though we’re not exactly an archive. I also asked questions of my own and got some cool answers. One of the things I struggled with at first was figuring out what exactly IS an archive and what do archivists DO. I tried to think of topics I care about that might be in archives somewhere in order to shape a question that reflected my own interests. But I never really thought of one. Instead, I ended up asking about archivists’ life on the job (interpreting messy handwriting, for example) and watching for more general tweets about “oldest thing,” “coolest thing,” etc. I think my one big “do it differently next year” thing would be for #AskArchivists to be a tad less self-centered about the framing of the day. If you want participants from across Twitter, you probably want to make it easy to ask questions that relate to what people already care about. So, somebody who loves dogs, what might they ask? Somebody who’s the fan of a particular author? Somebody who loves recipes, cooking, local food? Topical interests ARE reflected in archives but these types of questions were maybe too specific… yet that’s what people care about primarily their own interests, not this vague idea of what do archivists do. “What’s in it for me?” is such a primary question for audiences to ask. Once they get a response that relates to an interest of theirs, maybe then they’d be more likely to ask, “Hey, btw, what’s your oldest record?” But starting with participants’ own interests is probably a good way to frame it. In any case, I was really happy with #AskArchivists and think it was well organized, fun, interesting, and extremely educational. Thanks for doing it and I look forward to next year!

    • Thanks very much for your reply, Erin, for sharing thoughts, experiences and ideas. And thanks for your good suggestions for an other #AskArchivists event (if and when we don’t now).

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