Beasts in your collections?!

Zeeuws Archief : Asian and African animals, 1770-1780. HTAM-H-104.

Zeeuws Archief : Asian and African animals, 1770-1780. HTAM-H-104.

“NO!”, is our first response when people ask: Do you have beasts in your collections or your depots? Of course not! We keep our depots very clean and take very good care of our heritage collections! No mice, no spiders, no flies, no rats, no silverfishes, no fleas, no bookworms, we don’t give them any chance to creep in our collections and depots.

World fauna in our collections
That’s what we think. But… we DO have lots of beasts in our collections and depots! Think of the huge seamonsters on oceanmaps, the very precise drawings of insects in fauna books, the sweet pictures of cats in albums amicorum, the loyal dogs at the feet of our rulers on paintings and sculptures. We have the entire fauna of the world in our collections!

World Animal Day, October 4th
On October 4th each year, we celebrate World Animal Day. Let’s dive into our collections to search for colourful fishes. Let’s make a safari tour through our depots to catch wild animals. Let’s have a stroll through all the bookshelves to discover beautiful insects that hide there. Let’s have a great flight through our storagerooms and catch up with some amazing birds. Make a silent tour at night to spot the very rare unicorn. And let’s show all the animals we found in our depots and collections to the world on World Animal Day!

Twitter event #heritagebeasts
On October 4th, World Animal Day, Follow An Archive and Ask Archivists will organize a Twitter event: #heritagebeasts.
We invite all heritage institutions to join us! So we ask the organizers of Follow A Museum, Follow A Library, Ask A Curator and Follow Heritage, to join in and spread the word about #heritagebeasts to your followers!

Join #heritagebeasts at October 4th!
Of course all people are welcome to join the Twitter event #heritagebeasts on October 4th! Create a Twitter account and tweet the beasts in your favourite collection!

Let’s have a beastly good World Animal Day on October 4th with the Twitter event #heritagebeasts!

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8 Responses to Beasts in your collections?!

  1. We’ll join #heritagebeasts! We are looking for beasts in our collection to show them to the world!
    Zeeuws Archief Middelburg (The Netherlands)

  2. Regionaal Archief Alkmaar (The Netherlands @archiefalkmaar) will also join the #heritagebeasts and show our collection of beasts 🙂

  3. siwiarchiv says: will also join the #heritagebeasts with a nice picture.

  4. We’ll definitely be joining in #heritagebeasts – we’ve quite a few hiding in the stores (we trust you don’t want pictures of our curators…*shudder*)

  5. curatorialassistant says:

    We will be joining #heritagebeasts this Thursday @ANMMuseum. What a fantastic idea! We’ve already been trawling our collection for some of our favourite beasts…

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