Let´s celebrate democracy and rights on June 9th. 2015


Detail from the first page on the first democratic constitution in the kingdom of Denmark. The original is kept at The National Achives of Denmark. (Original photo: Karsten Bundgaard, Det Kongelige Bibliotek – original is found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/statensarkiver/sets/72157626683287892 )

Celebrating International Archives Day 2015
June 9th. and International Archives Day is almost here again. There are so many topics to choose from! But we propose, that this years activities concentrate on democracy in many ways.

Topic: democracy
The National Archives of the United Kingdom has come up with this topic, suggesting that we make June 9th. a “Twitter day where archives share stories and records within their collection showcasing democracy and rights in different ways”.

It is a subject, that most archives can relate to and tell stores about. No matter if you are a large, national archive, a municipal institution or a community archive, we all have records and other material, that can be used to tell the story of democratic development, and people who have stood up for their rights.

Ideas about what to share, could be records that:

  • have established fundamental rights in your country
  • tell the story of individuals, who played a part in establishing democratic conditions
  • relate to rights of specific groups ( indigenous, ethnic, LGBT, women, children…)
  • show the history of the right to form trade unions and political or religious communities
  • picture election and election days, both national and local
  • sound archives with important speaches, interviews etc.

Your contribution, your choice
And finally – your contribution could naturally also be constitutional documents of huge importance and great archival beauty. It is your choice, and we look forward to your contribution.

#IAD15 #democracy
If you wish to join, make a comment below stating your Twitter handle as “reply” to this post. And on June 9th. post your content to relevant platforms – blogs, flickr, instagram, your website, etc. – and tweet about it using the combination of two tags: #IAD15 #democracy.

Join International Archives Day on Twitter!
We hope a lot of archives will join, and help show the world, how archives play a vital part in documenting the history of democracy.

This Twitter event #IAD15 #democracy is organized by Follow An Archive and Ask Archivists.

Charlotte and Anneke


Cartoon on the friction between two political parties in Dutch elections (scale based on the balance in Middelburg, province of Zeeland). Lithography by Joh. Braakensiek, 1897. Source: Zeeuws Archief-Zeeland Archives, Zeeuws Genootschap, Zelandia Illustrata III, no. 362.

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17 Responses to Let´s celebrate democracy and rights on June 9th. 2015

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  2. Thomas Wolf says:

    You will find a German version here too: http://www.siwiarchiv.de/?p=9489

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  4. Bente Jensen says:

    Reblogged this on Arkivformidling and commented:
    Temaet er demokrati: Vær med til at fejre International Arkivdag 9. juni på TWITTER

  5. Khalid Abu Dayeh says:

    Democracy means Archives, have to open for facts.

  6. kemper says:

    Wir machen mit! @Speyer_Archiv

  7. Adele Bush says:

    Rambert Archive will be tweeting through @rambertdance and posting on the Rambert Dance Company Facebook

  8. Andrea Rönz says:

    @Archiv_LinzRh ist auch dabei.

  9. @refugee_archive will be tweeting on how the Refugee Council Archive is approaching civic engagement and outreach to document and preserve refugee voices

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  11. stephbospoon says:

    @LCDArchive will be joining in!

  12. dudleyarchives says:

    @DudleyArchives will be joining in!

  13. #IAD#democracy As a former archivist and a historian I am glad to claim:”Once an archivist, always an archivist.” I have posted this great content today on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn..

  14. Thomas Wolf says:

    Thanks for this event! Have look on our success on siwiarchiv: http://www.siwiarchiv.de/?p=9489#comment-43691

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