#archivestourism on International Archives Day 2017

NL-Mdb-ZA-ZI-296-III-1071-Reclameplaat 1892

Belgian advertisment for a day trip to the isle of Walcheren, Province Zeeland in The Netherlands, 1892. Zeeland Archives in Middelburg | Zeeuws Archief, Zeeuws Genootschap, Zelandia Illustrata III, no. 1071.

Twitter event on #IAD17 : #archivestourism

International Archives Day 2017 #IAD17 is coming up! Like every year Follow An Archive and Ask Archivists organize a celebration event on Twitter on June 9.

With the celebration event we join the June 9 theme ‘Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism’ of the International Council on Archives (ICA).
The theme of the annual Twitter event will be: #archivestourism. It’s about tourism in archives.

Archives and tourism

Tourism makes a great match with the ICA theme ‘Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism’!
Tourism also perfectly matches the 2017 theme of the United Nations: ‘International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development’, #IY2017.

Tourism in archives

Lots of archives keep documents about tourism in their collections. Think of brochures, postcards, photographs taken on holidays in family archives, films and think of archives of tourist shops or tourist organisations. They all can be a contribution to the Twitter event #archivestourism. The format is quite open, do an infographic, gif, animation, blogpost, podcast, flashmob, picture album – just make sure to tweet it, using the hashtag.

Archives are full of tourism

So, fellow archivists, let’s make a tourist tour in our depots and show our most beautiful, special, valuable, extraordinary tourism documents in our archives on June 9, International Archives Day, and contribute to Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism!

How can we show tourism in our archives?

  • Brochures of countries, cities, villages, tourist attractions, tourists events, etc.
  • Postcards of countries, cities, villages, etc. with greetings to loved ones at home
  • Photographs taken on a holiday or during a touristic event
  • Books about tourism
  • Sound, video, film, advertising countries, cities, villages, tourist attractions, tourist events, etc.
  • Diaries written during a holiday or a touristic event
  • Portraits of people as tourists or employees of tourist shops
  • Archives of tourist shops and tourism organisations

Be a tourist yourself and/or with others

  • Make a tourist tour in your depots, alone, with colleagues, with visitors
  • Invite children/adults to make a tourist drawing or picture of their visit to your archive
  • Make an exhibition about tourism in your city in your archives building or in the city, together with a tourist shop or school
  • Organize a tourist event, make pictures of it and put it on social media
  • Imagine how archives would be “sold” as tourist destinations and tweet the slogan
  • Do a touristical flashmob
  • Make something online and fun with old posters etc. – just gif it up!

#archivestourism: tourism in archives. Let’s celebrate with #archivestourism the ICA theme ‘Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism’ and make a touristical #IAD17 of June 9!

Your contribution, your choice

We just gave some exemples how to join #archivestourism on June 9 on Twitter. Your contribution could naturally also be something completely different: documents of huge importance and great archival beauty that every tourist (and your own citizens!) must have seen.
It is your choice, and we look forward to your contribution.

Join International Archives Day on Twitter!

We hope lots of archives, archivists and all people who love archives will join.
Let us show together, using the hashtag #archivestourism, how tourism in archives can contribute to Citizenship and Interculturalism and how archives play a vital part in documenting the history of tourism.

Other platforms

Twitter is the main platform for the event, but you can do #archivestourism on most other platforms too. Show of your postcards on Instagram, take the opportunity to use the Facebook Live video featuring touristic sounds, write a blogpost… but be sure to to tweet about it 🙂

#IAD17 and #archivestourism

If you wish to join, make a comment below stating your Twitter handle as “reply” to this post. And on June 9th post your content to relevant platforms – blogs, Flickr, Instagram, your website, etc. – and tweet about it using the combination of two tags: #IAD17 #archivestourism.


This Twitter event #IAD17 #archivestourism is organized by Follow An Archive and Ask Archivists, managed by Charlotte S.H. Jensen (Denmark) and Anneke van Waarden-Koets (The Netherlands).

We wish you a great International Archives Day on June 9 and we are looking forward to your #archivestourism!

Charlotte and Anneke

See also:

Blog Follow An Archive

Texts about #IAD17 and #archivestourism in several languages

Who would like to translate this blogpost into his/her own language?
Feel free to use the blogtext above and use your own pictures to give exemples.
Please let us know on Twitter when you have written a blogpost in your own language about the Twitter event #archivestourism on June 9 #IAD17, so we can make a link to your blogpost. Together we can spread the word worldwide to let as many people as possible know about #IAD17 #archivestourism on Twitter. Thanks a lot!

Text in French Thanks to Team AEDA Maud Jouve

Text in Dutch Thanks to Archief 2.0 Anneke van Waarden-Koets

Text in Danish Thanks to Arkivformidling Charlotte S.H. Jensen

Text in German Thanks to Kreisarchiv Siegen-Wittgenstein (siwiarchiv) Thomas Wolf



Pamphlets from the Danish Tourist Board in Danish National Archives. Lots of vikings and nostalgia going on.


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9 Responses to #archivestourism on International Archives Day 2017

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  2. stilangel says:


  3. @zeeuwsarchief
    The Zeeuws Archief (Zeeland Archives) will join #IAD17 #archivestourism on 2017, June 9.
    We are looking forward to the Twitter event and are curious to see all the contributions!

  4. Simsy says:

    Im not an archivist can i still join in?

  5. siwiarchiv says:

    Here´s a short German version: http://www.siwiarchiv.de/?p=14935 . And:
    We´ll particiapate, too: @siwiarchiv .

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