#AskArchivists Twitter fountain

Watch your #AskArchivists tweets in this Twitter fountain. Feel free to use it on your website or blog or on a big screen in your archive building!

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#AskArchivists is unleashed!

It´s #AskArchivists Day! We hope everyone will have a great day of presenting and sharing knowledge about archives, records and archiving. Happy International Archives Day to all!

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More inspiration and ideas: Promote #AskArchivists to your followers

Feel free to download, alter and use the powerpoint.

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Inspiration – how to ask on #AskArchivists Day

Feel free to download and remix the powerpoint from the Arkivformidling account on Slideshare

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Tough questions? Just #AskArchivists on June 9th

What would you do if you ran into a really tough oldschool-cartoon-gangster, who just happen to love history?  ;-)

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Poster for #AskArchivists

We´ve made two posters: a plain poster with only text, and a poster with text and a picture, about the #AskArchivists Day.  If anyone would like to translate it into other languages such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc., please do! :-)
Like to put your own logo on your #AskArchivists poster? Please do! You can use the plain poster with text only and put your logo wherever you like, or you can use the poster with the #AskArchivists logo and replace it for your own logo.
Print it, hang it up, use it on your blog and your website, and spread the word!



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So many questions to ask on #AskArchivists Day

Which questions to ask on June 9th, when it´s #AskArchivists Day on Twitter?
Get your inspiration from this video…

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